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New invented “The 3rd Generation” battery system with USB-C Connectivity, it has much more power to Jump Start!


12V 8.0L Gasoline / 7.0L Diesel


PD45W / QC18W / Wireless Charge / DC Output / Flashlight / Worklight


12V 7.0L Gasoline / 5.5L Diesel


USB-C / USB-A / DC Output / Flashlight


12V 8.0L Gasoline / 7.0L Diesel


USB-C / USB-A / DC Output / Flashlight

Truely Multifunctional!

Hummer Powerbank can start your car, charge your smart phone as well as supplying LED light for emergency use!

Jump Start Your Car

Suitable for all type of engines like Gasoline, Diesel, Hybird, Turbo and Start-Stop Engine. We have model specialize for 24V as well!

Charge Mobile Electronics

To charge portable electronic devices such as Smartphones, Tables, Portable Gaming System, Digital Cameras, Earbuds etc.

Emergency Flashlight

LED Flashlight with different flashing patterns.

How easy to use Hummer Jump Starter?

Connect to the car battery

Make sure Hummer Powerbank has enough battery capacity,

Connect the Jumper Cable to the car battery,Red to Positive, Black to Negative.

Check Jump Start indicator light

Green light comes on, Start the car!

Red light means error, will be protected.

Done – Remove Jump Starter

Remove the Hummer Powerbank once the engine is running.

Keep the engine running

Please keep the engine running for 20 minutes to recharge the car battery.

Genuine Products From General Motors

About General Motors

General Motors Company is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Detroit that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services, with global headquarters in Detroit’s Renaissance Center. It was founded by William C. Durant on September 16, 1908, as a holding company, and the present entity was established in 2009 after its restructuring. The company is the largest American automobile manufacturer and one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers.

Is Hummer Products allowed on flights? YES!

  • Rules You Must Follow:
  • Portable charges must be taken in your carry-on baggage.
  • Each portable charger must not exceed 100Wh(Watt-Hours).
  • Check with the airline before you pack them.
Calculating Wh:

Milliamp Hours / 1000 x Voltage = Watt Hours (mah)/ 1000 x (V) = (Wh).

If you have a 10000mAh Powerbank you want to bring on a plan. 10000mAh / 1000 x 3.7V = 37Wh . (under 100Wh means ok)

No need to worry

Each Product has rated the Wh on the back of the unit.

Most of our products are under 100Wh which meets the requirements of IATA and can be carried on flight.

What if I have other Battery products over the limit (100 Wh)?

Limited unit can be carry if that is 100.1 – 160 Wh. Over 160 Wh is not permitted.

Check with the airline before you pack them.

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